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What to Expect when booking your wedding.
It takes experience, knowledge, and expertise in all aspects of the floral business to prepare for your wedding. We will be more than happy to meet with you and discuss all of your wedding plans and options. We look forward to being part of your wedding day.


  • We will go over floral availability that suits your wedding style and color. We will then take you through the entire wedding, starting with bridal flowers, bridesmaid flowers, attendant flowers, etc. We will then explore alternatives for your ceremony which compliment your bridal flowers. Using you flower, colors, and style we will make your reception more beautiful than you anticipated.
  • We will work together by taking each aspect of your wedding and pricing them to come up with a subtotal. Should your budget differ from the rough total we determine, we will go back item by item, and adjust the price, not the flowers, color, or style of each item. In doing so, we will arrive at a total amount that fits your budget.
  • Your cost of flowers, service (delivery) and tax is added into the final total.
  • Now you are ready to book your wedding! At this time your payment is due in full.
  • This is the only way you can book your wedding date with The Mystic Florist.
  • Upon booking your wedding, we will type up the wedding contract with the final details on the cost of the wedding and mail it to you as soon as possible as well as provide a receipt at the time of booking.